Our Values

By embracing our values, we achieve our vision

Excellence, Belonging, Partnership

Our three core values are derived from our Cultural Principles and rooted in them. Students and professionals are encouraged and supported to ‘live’ these values throughout our Foundation. These values are front and centre when making decisions throughout our Foundation. By embracing these values, we achieve our vision.

Excellence in:

  • Student care, experience​ and progress
  • Impactful innovation, including leadership development and progression
  • Consistently and persistently focusing on helping students meet expectations

A strong sense of Belonging, with:

  • Happysafe and successful students and professionals​ at the heart of what we do
  • Students and professionals cared forknown and valued
  • Academies maintaining a strong sense of inclusivityidentityplace and purpose

Partnership of:

  • Professionals contributing to our vision, through innovation and impactful collaboration
  • Students and professionals contributing to their community and to the world around them
  • Professionals embracing learning from and support of each other
Strategic Priorities